Mass Dispensing Area 31 Volunteer Newsletter Windsor/
South Windsor
December 2011


Thanks for being an MDA31 volunteer! This newsletter will keep you informed regarding various aspects of clinic organization and training dates.

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  • Weathering the Storms
  • Are You Ready?
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    Weathering the Storms
    Few would have predicted we would be recovering from two major storms within two months of each other. The names Irene and Alfred have new meaning for us all! While both Windsor and South Windsor fared relatively well in Irene, Storm Alfred took a much harder toll on both towns. Emergency shelters served thousands of residents, whether for just a hot meal and to recharge a cell phone, or for a safe and warm place to live. Many MDA 31 volunteers helped staff the shelters, and for your service we are truly grateful. In particular, our volunteer nurses were a key part of our shelter staff.

    MDA 31 Planning Committee will be debriefing our response to Storm Alfred at its January meeting and considering whether in future storms the MDA should be more formally activated. If you have ideas to share with our thought process, please contact Allyson Schulz at 860.559.1492 or before January 9.


    Are You Ready?
    Probably all of us learned how we can be better prepared for the unexpected. These storms remind us of how quickly life can change, and how having a plan can make a difference. The website provides checklists and other guides to help you and your family be better prepared. After the holiday rush has passed, sit down and review your plans.

    June 2011 Exercise
    MDA 31 ran a full-scale anthrax exercise in June that was a huge success. Thank you to everyone for making this exercise such a valuable experience. The greater Hartford region commended us for our organization, security, and strong show of volunteers (30 of whom came from outside our MDA). This exercise tested our ability to set-up and staff a large-scale antibiotics clinic at Windsor High School. We learned a tremendous amount about the differences between giving shots to individuals and dispensing pills to a household. We also feel that the process of setting up this clinic as part of the exercise contributed to our ability to set up a shelter in response to Storm Alfred. We are currently revising our plans and procedures based on what we learned from the exercise as well as the storm.

    If you want to learn more about this event, you can view a video at Windsor Patch:


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