Mass Dispensing Area 31 Volunteer Newsletter

South Windsor

March 2009


Dear Allyson,

Thanks for being an MDA31 volunteer! This newsletter will keep you informed regarding various aspects of clinic organization and training dates.

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 Has Your Contact Information Changed in the Past Year?
 Volunteer Activation Drill
 New & Improved Volunteer Training
 Online Training
 Smallpox Training for Medical Volunteers


Volunteer Activation Drill

Sometime this year, we will be testing our ability to activate our volunteers. This drill will be unannounced so that we can simulate a real emergency and determine what percent of our volunteers we can successfully contact. This drill will use phone as the first method of contact. There are currently more than 500 volunteers registered with MDA #31, so this call out will take a lot of phoning! If for any reason you are no longer willing or able to volunteer, please let us know - call Allyson Schulz at 860.559.1492.

Please be sure your phone numbers are up-to-date with MDA #31!!


New & Improved Volunteer Training

MDA #31 redesigned its volunteer training program in 2008 and welcomed 84 volunteers to at least one of our six sessions. The feedback we received from attendees was insightful: the new training format and materials were very well received, and attendees were eager to move to the next level and practice their skills in drills or exercises! Our 2009 training plan incorporates these suggestions and offers a variety of training opportunities. Some of these venues are designed for first-time attendees, while others afford all volunteers the opportunity to practice in a real world setting.

While some of our event dates are not locked in yet, we wanted to tell you what is planned for 2009. Click here to view the schedule and sign-up instructions. If you didn't attend last year, please sign up today!


Online Training

Did you know there is a free training site available via the Internet, 24/7? Be sure to check out Here are some good starter courses you might want to check out:

Find training classes


Smallpox Training for Medical Volunteers

MDAs must be prepared to vaccinate the public against smallpox in the event of a bioterrorist release of this virus. Such an event would be particularly challenging because this disease no longer occurs naturally, so health care providers are not routinely trained in this vaccine. Unlike the influenza vaccine which is given by injection, the administration of the smallpox vaccine is a more complex procedure. The proper reconstitution of the vaccine is vital, and it is administered into the superficial layer of the skin using a bifurcated needle.

MDA #31 needs to train at least 20 of its medical volunteers in smallpox vaccine administration. The training has two parts: Part One, which must be completed first, is online at and takes approximately two hours; Part Two is a two and a half hour face-to-face session, including hands on vaccination practice, that will take place in June 2009. Any and all doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, and veterinarians are eligible. The training is free! Please contact Sharon Enot, RN in the Windsor Health Department to learn more - 860.285.1824.


Has Your Contact Information Changed in the Past Year?


Life is ever changing, and so is your contact information!

And yet, if we don't have your current information, our ability to reach you in an emergency is compromised.

Please help us keep in touch with you!

If any of your information has changed, please notify Allyson Schulz at 860.559.1492.


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